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We strive to make every experience at our office stress free and promote healing.  To keep things as positive as possible, this section will help explain to what to expect during your visit and give you tools to prepare yourself, while in the comfort of your home or office.  Please complete the online new patient form or print two things: 

Online Scheduling:


1)  Click Button Below

2)  Appointment and Times available will show.  Choose from list of appointment types and current available times.

3)  Fill out your information.

4)  You must press the GREEN   "Submit Appointment Request" button  at the bottom to request appointment time.  

5)  Call 615-852-5518 if you have problems or need an appointment sooner.


The doctor will sit and talk with you to gain more details about what brought you into her office.  You will be asked to clarify symptoms, your condition, and review your  health history.  This important information will help the doctor determine which services are right for you.  If your condition requires another specialty, we can help refer you to another doctor. Consent will be a prerequisite to beginning care.

Comprehensive Examination:

Based on the consultation, the doctor will give you a thorough examination, including neurological and orthopedic testing for Chiropractic care and muscle response testing for NAET Allergy Elimination.  Testing can include posture, the range of normal motion, reflexes, and physical examinations. If X-Rays are indicated for, you will be referred to a local imaging center to complete x-ray. If you have had imaging completed in the past, please bring the results.  Nutrition and Dry needling evaluations are separate and are on a case-by-case basis.


All the information including exams, forms, and imaging brought in will be reviewed.  The doctor will review findings and explain treatments that would be right for you. Dr. Guin will provide you with details on what to expect while being treated, including visits needed to progress in health as you require and she expects. She will also teach you what you will need to do in order to maintain the results you gain.  

Chiropractic care: 

Most patients will begin to get relief after the first adjustment.  Dr. Guin lets patients know that muscle soreness can be expected, with stiffness and pain beginning to reduce.  Chiropractic adjustments are gentle and great for kids to elders.  Athletes enjoy optimal functioning and speedy recovery with care.


Patients vary greatly with these treatments.  Some will get relief in as few a three visits, whereas patients with more complicated conditions could need significantly more care.  Dr. Guin leaves it up to the patient, when you feel better you will know!



You will receive a comprehensive plan to get your health back as well as support throughout the entire time you are in the program.  No matter if it is regaining your health or losing a few pounds, you can do it and I can help!


Dry Needling:

Based on previous care received and what your goals are, this can be a part of your recovery, ask me how.


Our office participates in many different insurance programs. For patients with no insurance coverage, cash plans make it affordable for everyone.    Don't wait...Make the call!  615.852.5518

Dr. Guin Bennett
Chiropractic Physician

Treatment Options:​

  • Comprehensive Chiropractic Care

  • Natural Allergy Elimination

  • Dry Needling Trigger Point Relief

  • Focused Supplementation

  • Weight Loss

  • Extremity Adjusting

Office Hours:  

Tuesdays and Fridays 1:00-7:00

By Appointment Only 


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